Installing an Exhibition at MOCAD in 2008


Part One of Three Parts.

It was a real adventure to select everything and to help haul it to  MOCAD.  The staff there did all the hanging and installing.    Yet my input and suggestions were welcome.  Putting the show on the walls turned into a collaboration.  There was quite a lot of work on display.  It was a lot of work to put it all together.

A group of curators and museum staff came to my house to meet me and to look at my work.  They decided to try to recreate some of the feel of my living space, but on a larger scale.

They even considered bringing my refrigerator!  I had a spare fridge in my kitchen which housed my entire puppet collection.  That didn’t work out, but they did bring in some of my other furniture


Hanging an oil painting.

There was also a section of my puppet movie playing on a television set.  I made that around 2000 with Dave Toorongian.  I brought in some of my toys, found objects and other household ephemera.

Mostly though, the show consisted of around 400 of my drawings, sculptures and paintings.  MOCAD (The Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit) sponsored the show.  Considering Detroit was their first exhibit to feature local artists.  I was part of a group of artists which filled the entire museum.  There were four other visual artists, a poets and an artist’s collective.


Work lined up against the wall.

Further information on this exhibition:

The venue:



My large brush and ink drawings, unrolled and flat on the floor.

Some of  these photos will enlarge if you click on them and hit the backspace to return to the post.


Nearly ready to start hanging the show.


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