May to July 2008: Maugre at MOCAD in Detroit


“Echoes of the Jungle” my first large painting, borrowed back for this exhibit.


“Echoes of the Jungle” detail.

Part Three of Three Parts.

From May through July in 2008, I frequently went to the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit.  I lived in the area and could even walk there from my house.  It was nearly an hour walk but I’d walk it.  Sometimes I’d get there on the bus and walk home.  It was fun to talk about my work with any visitors who’d appear.  I knew that this was a unique experience.  It was yet another personal autonomous zone, a sort of temporary/ provisional utopia.

Considering Detroit was MOCAD’s first real large-scale look at local work.  It was mostly from Detroit proper with some of it being extended to the Detroit area. I’d enjoy looking at the other artist’s work while I was there.  I got to know the entire exhibition.  Including myself, there were five artists.  There was also a section in tribute to a local poet and a section centered around a cultural collective. *

MOCAD late July 2008 etc. 130b

An early wood sculpture and a metal wire sculpture.

Besides just hanging out there, I also got to do a few special performances.  I did a puppet show.  The Spaceband got to do a show there as well.

The puppet show played to maybe thirty or forty people, including some children.  It was funny as usual.  It was also a lot of work. **

The Spaceband were camped out in a makeshift Pup Tent.  We emerged to play a wild concert, including a light show.  I think it was a 6 or 7 piece band.

MOCAD Space Band etc. 001.jpg


The Spaceband performing at MOCAD

It was a lot of fun, having this large exhibit and getting my work out there for people to see.  It was a lot of work too but I threw myself into it. 

* Besides myself, the show included the late poet Jim Gustafson, the artist’s collective TIME STEREO, longtime Detroit painters Allie McGhee and Gordon Newton, then too artists Ellen Cantor and Heather McGill.

**These 26 photos include shots of my MOCAD puppet show:



I’d punch the time-clock, in and out, when I visited.

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