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My Chalk Drawings on the Hudson’s Building in Detroit

July 31, 2018

In the 1990’s, I painted two murals on the J.L. Hudson’s Building in downtown Detroit.  When they were painted over with black paint, I started to draw on the building with various colors of chalk.  For nearly two years, I treated the building as my public art studio.


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The StoryCorps mobile recording booth.

I early July, 2017, my friend Jennifer Gariepy and I went into the StoryCorps booth to talk about my 1990’s street art work on the Hudson’s Building.  We had a good conversation for around 45 minutes.  They recorded that.  I have a copy as a digital file and have heard it several times.

We didn’t really prepare.  I’m good at just telling stories and having them flow and to make sense.  I try to be spontaneous but still connect things and to be lucid.


Jennifer Gariepy and Maurice Greenia, Jr. 2017.  Photo by StoryCorps.

I wrote about drawing on the Hudson’s building before.  I also once did a radio essay about it for WDET.  I’m trying to locate this.  I do have it on audio cassette, but I need to find it before I can transfer it onto a CD.

My 2011 blog post about the Hudson’s work:

Maurice at work

Here I am, posing with my work, circa 1997.

The radio edit of the story:

The podcast version of the story:


Biegas Flyer (at 5 & a half by 4 & a half inches from December 1997)