Draw and Paint with All Your Might!

The world needs art more than ever!  Things are going so wrong and creative work can be a wake-up call or even a slap in the face!

It’s easier to respond to destructive, ruinous and hateful elements with essays, short stories, theatre and poetry.   It’s easier to respond directly in music with songs.  A solid lyric can move and inspire people.  An obvious polemic rarely does much good.   You may be angry but sometimes it’s more important to reach people than it is to vent your anger in public.

In dance, instrumental music and in the visual arts, things can get tricky.   You need to strategize as well as improvise.  What to do?

First, create truly quality work.  Do something solid, at least to the best of your abilities.  There’s plenty of mediocre and run-of the mill work out there.  Strive to be better than that.  Aim at amazing people and making their jaws drop.  Know your limitations and transcend them.  You won’t hit it out of the park every time.   No one always gets an A.  Yet we need to keep on keeping on.  Fight the good fight.

Put pen and pencil to paper.  Paint for all you’re worth.  Create!  You can do it: on your mark, get set, go!

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