Mock-up (from August 10, 2005 at 8 and a half by eleven inches)

Those who assault Mother Nature do so at their own peril.

Artists know that extremes (as regards melting ice) lead to nothing but trouble and woe.  If you try to arm wrestle with the elements, you’ll lose in the end.  The Earth itself was never conceived of as a mere money-making machine for the humans.  It’s our home and our source of water and air.

Artists love the forests, the mountains, the plants and animals.

Those who think that it’s impossible to destroy the world are dead wrong.  Earth, wind, lakes, rivers and oceans are strong and solid yet they have their fragile side.   When the bull in the china shop seizes power, he needs to be diluted or subdued.   Wake up and smell the morning fog.  Breathe deep in the cool moonlit and starlit air.

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