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It’s Not Early yet It’s Not Too Late

November 29, 2018

Time itself sometimes behaves like some strange sort of animal, part lamb and part shark.  We get better as we age, yet sometimes we also erode or start to disintegrate.  If we’re paying attention, the older we get, the more that we know.  This is true both in knowledge and in wisdom.  The smart aleck can sometimes be extremely intelligent.

Some people live in quiet times.  The days are calm and bright and they even glisten.  Every morning is touched with dew.  The quieter birds sings their lovely songs.    This helps to awake the humans more gently.  The days go by like stardust, like candy, like a first kiss that never fades.  The nights fall like a great cloak, so warming and calming.  Such lovely nights usually spark beautiful and intense dreams.

As for us, alas, we seem to be swept into ugly times.  These are noisy times.  Greed, cruelty and stupidity seem to think that they’re doing things the “right way” and that they have all the power.  They believe that anything that you can do to win and to stay in control is fair and just.  The rest of us search for ways to bring them down, to give them a proper kick in their pants.  This isn’t easy by any means.  It may be difficult, yet we must make the attempt.  We must succeed.