December 31, 2018

It’s been another strange sad year.  Some survive and others are lost.  The times seem to be increasingly stupid, mean, hateful and toxic.  There are those who are trying to do everything in their power to murder the earth itself, or at least the human, animal and plant life upon it.  Money and making money has its place, I suppose.  Yet money can become a demonic deity.  Its connected rituals of worship often devour or damage wisdom and clarity.

Stakes are high!   We artists are usually very aware, even hyper-aware or hyper-sensitive.  I feel like the old canary in the coal mine (over and over, again and again).  We try to make the best art that we can.  We try to connect with and support our fellow artists.  I’m more discouraged and disillusioned than usual.  Even if we could have a true and explosive artistic/ cultural renaissance all over the world, it might not be enough anymore.  It couldn’t hurt though.

We need to laugh and laugh hard,  We need to laugh at the proper targets and subjects, then get other people to laugh at them as well. Ha! Ha! Ha!  What kind of revolution will we have?  What manner of protest will break through the walls of distraction, apathy and confusion??



PS I’ve reached ten years of blogging this month.  I first started in December 2008.  I now have three regular blogs, that being I try to add at least one post a month.  My cinema blog and my music blog are only added to occasionally or “now and then.”  That could change though.  Onward!

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