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Forgotten Languages/ Fugitive Alphabets

April 30, 2019


Words which no longer exist will live in mystery.

Sometimes I invent my own private words and my own personal alphabet.  Yet words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs and books are social as well as intellectual or poetic.

It’s always a challenge to translate one’s deepest inner reality into a language and a substance which can be grasped, even appreciated by people-at-large.

It’s possible to create your secret set of hieroglyphics.  What do they mean and what can they mean?  Can they be exposed or rotated in ways which speak to others?

There’s nothing wrong with the fugitive or the arcane.  Yet most people have enough trouble trying to express themselves in one language or with one alphabet.  For the poet or artist, being multi-lingual includes being versed in realm of the mysterious, even of the indecipherable.

On the Bullet Train in France (September 1996) and 6 by 6 inches

On the Train in France, 1996