Total Sensory Freakout: Detroit’s Zeitgeist Collective, 1997 to 2008

The flat case on the second floor.

The show closed in mid-September.  Thanks a lot to all of you who came out to see it.  If you were able to visit the exhibition and want to let me know, comment here or send me an email at or just tell me if you see me.

Art by Jim Puntigam , Roger Hayes, Jaber and Maugre.

I believe that this display was seen by many people.  The Summer is always slow but it was up for a month or so when the students returned for the Fall Semester.  Right toward the end of the show, I did a talk and tour with a large philosophy class focusing on aesthetics.  There was a question and answer session.  The students were engaged and asked a lot of good questions.  Some were about the Zeitgeist and the exhibit.  Others  were about my personal art career and aesthetic strategies and practices.

Michael Loverich art and a Broken Clock Festival poster.



From case number two.

I tried to find as much as I could find from the theatre.  I had a small section celebrating the late Ron Allen and some of his plays.  I saw many of the plays there.  It was always interesting and usually more than just worthwhile.

Art by Jacques Karamanoukian and photos and flyers from the theatre.


More Zeitgeist theatre material including the section on writer Ron Allen.



Some of  these photos will enlarge if you click on them and hit the backspace to return to the post.


endaug 0107c

Roger Hayes and myself, aka Maugre


Among the Zeitgeist artists who I saw at the exhibit were Jim Puntigam, Diana Alva, Vito Valdez, Eric Mesko and Roger Hayes.  I hear that some of the theatre people came by while I was off on vacation including Chuck Reynolds.  Troy Richard and John Jakary got by too, but somehow I missed them.



Some original art was on display in the librarian’s offices.  This, by Michael Loverich.


Art was on display in the librarian’s offices.  This, by Jean-Joseph Sanfourche.

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