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“For the Thousands of Separated Immigrant Children” Detroit 2019

November 30, 2019

Detroit Mercy. November 5, 2019

November 5th, before the display was installed.

monov 074b

November 5th, before the display was installed.

Its last stop was at the University of Detroit Mercy.  They installed the exhibition on the lawn on November 5.  It was between the library and the liberal arts building.  They took it down on November 23.  The people who dismantled it told me that they’re retiring it, likely taking all the toys and stuffed animals to the dump.  If they do it again, they’ll have to acquire a new cast of characters.

mpnov 070b

November 12th or 13th

mqnov 018b

November 16th

mz_nov 016b

November 23rd, as the display was being removed.

mz_nov 029b

November 23

They put it up on a Tuesday and took it down on a Saturday.   On November 23, I knew that they’d be taking it down soon so I went out to take a few photos, only to find 3 men taking the display down.  I knew two of the a bit and was able to ask a few questions.  It was cold though.  I didn’t want to slow down their work.

mz_nov 020b

November 23

It first was installed in Ferndale on April 27 and was on display until May 11:

From the Campus Connection:

Art Installation: For the Thousands of Separated Immigrant Children

mz_nov 022

November 23