2019 gives Way to the 2020’s

The first twenty years of this century seem to have gone by quickly.  Sometimes life feels painful, even torturous.  The unpleasant moments and days often seem to drag on.  Joy and pleasure can be fleeting and pass right through your fingers and into the earth.  Or they can stick to you and inform your every breath.  All of it is wrapped up in a strange mystery and sense of wonder.  Enchantments befall us or transport us.  There is both good magic and bad magic, both of which many people never seem to truly encounter or to notice.

Yet the artist and the poet often live through these things.  We notice them and appreciate them all the time.  What will the next twenty years bring?  There are many dangerous and alarming signs and signals.  Creative women, men and children must struggle to play their proper parts.  We must keep on keeping on.  Spread the word!  Create!  Protest, as needed.

Will these be the roaring 20’s?  I think they’ll surely whimper, shout and scream a bit.  But roar?  I hope so.  Let it be a nice healthy animal roar, both one by one and in unison.  Maybe we can startle those who would hasten the Earth’s decline and demise.  Maybe we can put the fascists and greed-heads in their place, once and for all.

2 Responses to “2019 gives Way to the 2020’s”

  1. Tony Rashid Says:

    Love your depiction of the tightly wound. They look like some relatives.

  2. trwob Says:

    Now that they’re tightly wound, let’s release them and watch them spin!
    Wonderful depictions of creatures among us.

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