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The Monster Drawing Rallies at Detroit’s MOCAD

January 31, 2020

Artist Taurus Burns at work, January 2020


Part 1 of 2

I believe that I’ve participated in five out of seven of these.   I usually manage to do eight drawings in an hour.  I work in a variety of mediums in both color and black and white.  I also took photographs.  These are some of the better ones.


Artists drawing together, 2013. Collaboration!


Does anyone know who these two artists are?  The double-drawing act reminded of the Zeitgeist Gallery’s seven years of Visual Jam Sessions, with no solo work allowed.

The rally first started at Southern Exposure in San Francisco, California.   Since then it’s spread to at least six other cities, including Detroit.

I think it’s great to have artists out creating in public.  Drawing and painting become a performance.  This was always true in my days as a street artist, mainly in the 1980’s and 1990’s.  When I did my huge chalk art project on downtown Detroit’s Hudson’s Building people would honk their car horns at me.  Pedestrians would stop and comment on the work.  Besides the spectacle, it’s also a means for the public to get some good artwork at an affordable price.


The Monster Drawing Rally 2013


I believe that MOCAD held its first rally in 2013.  They held rallies every year since then except for 2019.  It seems to get more crowded as it goes from from year to year.  It’s a popular event


The late David Philpot at work in 2014.


Satori Circus at the 2018 Rally.


These photos will enlarge if you click on them and hit the backspace to return to the post.


Jennifer Gariepy at work, January 2020


Sean Bieri and another artist, 2018.


Art for sale, bagged and on display. 2018.


January 24, 2020


The crowd and the “for sale” wall, January 2020.

In December or January, in Detroit:

In October, in California:

In July, in Minnesota:

Monster Drawing Rally

In October, in Indiana:

In Los Angeles:

I’ve also found evidence of Monster Drawing Rallies held in Ohio and in North Carolina.

Does It Roar? Will It Roar?

January 1, 2020

Some supplemental material elated to the previous post:

I’ll add more things to this throughout January 2020.

Will we get our nasty crash in 2029, or will it come sooner?

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The history of the MGM lions

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