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What’s My Name?

February 29, 2020

These are from the 1970’s and the first half of the 1980’s when I lived in Jefferson-Chalmers, down near the Detroit River.  Don’t bother whoever lives there now.  I haven’t lived there since 1985 or so.  It’s one of the houses of my dreams.  I spent nearly 25 years there.   I’ve been living in my present home for around 27 years.  Between the two, that’s most of my life.  Ditto for the P.O. Box.  I think that I closed it around the year 2000, after using it for over teen years.

Maurice backwards is Eciruam.  Maugre is my most famous alias/ alternative name.  My street art is YET or yet.  I think that my favorite here is Madrice Greeviae.  I’m also fond of Gecaria, Greeniar, Genia, Greenig and Marucie.