Recent Work, Take One

Number 346

When the pandemic hit, in mid-March, I had to change my drawing routine.  For one thing, I started to number them, on the verso (that is, on the flip side of the page).  As I write this, in late July, I’m up to nearly 400 drawings.  The numbering system covers five sketch books, for now.  This can get a bit confusing but it’s fun.  It’s a sort of puzzle or a game.  I needed to create new rituals for myself.

Number 124

I used to do most of my drawings on the bus or at restaurants.  I’d draw while waiting for a movie or a concert to start.  I’d draw while standing in line to get my tickets.  Now, I no longer do any of those things.  Maybe someday some or all of them will return.  I try to get take-out at the eateries that are still open, yet it’s rare that I do so.  More power to them!  I look at people’s art and listen to their music on the computer but it’s not the same.  I get burned out on the computer.  Plus it’s not good for you to sit in place for too long at a time.

Number 304

The sizes of the sketchbooks include 6 by 6 inches, 4 by 6 inches. 3.5 by 5 inches and 2.5 by 4 inches.  I’m used to the smaller sizes as I’ve always been drawing on the run,  Now that I’m stuck at home, I need to start doing some larger work.

Number 118

I used to make art on the run or on the fly.  When that got ruled out, I had to set a new routine.  When I’m working from home, I do one or two drawings before I get to my proper work.  Then I do some more art work in the evening.  When I’m not working from home, I do 5 to 10 drawings, all early on.  It helps me to wake up.  I also read a little and listen to the news or to music.  Every day is an experiment or an improvisation.

Number 111

Number 367

These images will enlarge if you click on them and hit the backspace to return to the post.

Number 370

I’ll try to post some of my new work  here in my blogs.  Some will appear in social media including facebook, instagram and twitter.  Another new project involves videotaping my wacky puppet performances.  I keep busy and work hard.

Number 344

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