The September Issues of the Poetic Express

The Poetic Express continues. I hope to be able to get some paper copies soon. Due to the pandemic, I’ll still continue to post each month’s issues here. My father died on September 5th. He was the fourth in a series of five major deaths in my life, in 2020.  My father and my late mother were close friends as well as parents in ways. We had a lot of good talks. This month’s Poetic Express was dedicated in his memory. So long dad!

These photos will enlarge if you click on them and hit the backspace to return to the post.

Here’s a separate version of the September 2020 SURREAL THEATRE:

I taped new puppet performances in September.  There will be more soon.  I did the puppets, music, voices and staging.  The camera work, end credits and closed-captioning are by Jennifer Gariepy.


3 Responses to “The September Issues of the Poetic Express”

  1. John Jakary Says:

    Thanks Maugre. Lost Journey was very touching. Got caught up in some Zeitgeist vids earlier today:

  2. artremedy20 Says:

    Thanks. I’m tracking down some old Zeitgeist video work too.

  3. trwob Says:

    Thanks Maurice. Nice tribute to the OriginalMaurice. Looking forward to the next puppet party. Best to you and Jennifer.

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