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The October Issues of the Poetic Express

November 22, 2020

October was not as difficult as much of the year was.  It was bad enough though.  The coronavirus and the November elections hung over everything like a hurricane storm cloud.  I celebrated another birthday, October 20 and I did ten more puppet shows including a Halloween special.  We did the second of two cautious, outdoor jam sessions with the Spaceband.

My siblings and I finished emptying out my parent’s house and getting it ready to sell.  I started to clean up my backyard.  It reminds me of an abandoned amusement park.  I recall and imagine its former beauty and eccentric glories.  It was the domain of my late upstairs neighbor, Mr. Jim Inglehart.  I kept making art, mainly drawing.   Then too, look: it’s the Poetic Express, continued.

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Here’s a separate version of the October 2020 SURREAL THEATRE:

I taped new puppet performances in October.  We’ll keep at it.  I did the puppets, music, voices and staging.  The camera work, end credits and closed-captioning are by Jennifer Gariepy.

Here are many back issues of The Poetic Express from 1985 to 2016: