The November Issues of the Poetic Express


November was another strange month.  I was glad that 45 is on his way out. Generally, the election results weren’t too bad. The pandemic is still seriously on the attack and I’m still attempting to hide from the virus. It’s a difficult life but some have had it far worse than I have. I’m still being an artist.  I keep busy and am writing, drawing and performing.  I’m still working my day job too, mostly at home but sometimes at the library.


 These photos will enlarge if you click on them and hit the backspace to return to the post.

Here’s a separate version of the November 2020 SURREAL THEATRE:

We taped around ten new puppet performances in November.  We’ll keep at it.  I did the puppets, music, voices and staging.  The camera work, end credits and closed-captioning are by Jennifer Gariepy.  I’ll do a new blog post going into detail about my approach to puppetry in the next few weeks.

Over 20 performances are available to view:

From November 22, 2020, a meeting of a secret society, recorded and revealed:


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